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Hi Everyone,
please be aware that the bridge on Oliver Side Road has been now turned into a 5 ton bridge only! Please do not come across it with your tractor and wagons! I'm told this is a temporary set back until a new bridge is installed next year.

Thank you,
Hart Acre Grains and Staff

                                             TUESDAY 8AM TO 5PM 

                                             WEDNESDAY 8AM TO 5PM
                                             THURSDAY 8AM TO 5PM 
                                             FRIDAY 8AM TO 5PM 
                                            SATURDAY 8 to 5PM 


please call Herb for holiday or after hours unload


@C - CORN - CBOT Last Chg
Dec 21 519'6 2'6
Mar 22 527'2 2'2
May 22 531'2 1'2
Jul 22 531'4 2'0
Sep 22 501'2 0'2
Dec 22 497'2 0'2
Nov 21 1274'4 0'4
Jan 22 1283'0 0'2
Mar 22 1287'2 0'0
May 22 1292'4 -1'0
Jul 22 1295'2 -2'0
Aug 22 1288'0 10'6
@W - WHEAT - CBOT Last Chg
Dec 21 697'2 7'0
Mar 22 708'0 7'0
May 22 711'0 6'0
Jul 22 698'2 5'6
Sep 22 699'6 4'4
Dec 22 706'0 4'4
Oct 21 0.780550 0.000050
Nov 21 0.779950 -0.000500
Dec 21 0.781250 0.000800

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About Us
Hart Acres Farms originated as a dairy farm owned and operated by Herb's Grandparents Manley and Myrtle who in turn were succeeded by Vern and Barbara and today is run by Herb and Lisa Hart and Family as cash crop- grain market farm "Hart Acre Grains" and remains a Family owned Operation. Hart Acres farms is committed to a marketing strategy that ensures profitability, and discipline while maintaining a degree of flexibility in response to market conditions and selling opportunities. The principles guiding this strategy are driven by the need to understand current market conditions both domestic and worldwide; the factors impacting demand; the factors impacting price; price histories; crop disappearance; and perhaps most importantly, detailed cost of production. Our Vision - Hart Acre Grains has a great working relationship with Greenfield Ethanol, Grain Farmers of Ontario and many more. We Pride Ourselves in providing Quality Product and Service and align Ourselves with clients and partners with equal Values.“ You’ll never go broke, if you lock in a profit.” This of course means that you will not always get the top price for your crops. However, it does mean that you have a foundation from which you can plan with a higher degree of certainty. Give Hart Acre Grains a call today to get started with your personalized business plan. 1-613-354-8009 or 1-613-561-4220

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Local Conditions
Napanee, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 19oC Feels Like: 19oC
Humid: 95% Dew Pt: 19oC
Barom: 30 Wind Dir: S
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 9 km/h
Sunrise: 6:56 Sunset: 7:09
As reported at TRENTON, ON at 4:00 AM
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Napanee, ON
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Napanee, ON





High: 21°C
Low: 18°C
Precip: 80%
High: 21°C
Low: 16°C
Precip: 80%
High: 19°C
Low: 12°C
Precip: 80%
High: 21°C
Low: 9°C
Precip: 78%
High: 19°C
Low: 9°C
Precip: 80%
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DTN Weather Summary
Rain Spreads East Tuesday
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist
Posted at 12:08PM Mon Sep 20, 2021 CDT

Farm Services
Hart Acre Grains offers a wide selection of services. Our knowledgeable Farm Services staff help you through careful crop planning from start to finish, all year long. We offer everything from planning & harvesting to all your trucking needs including pick up and delivery. Contact Hart Acre Grains today to get started on your customized farming plan. Call 1-613-354-8009 or 1-613-561-4220

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Name Exchg Last Chg Time
CORN (@C1Z) CBOT 519'2 2'2 3:50A
CORN (@C2H) CBOT 527'2 2'2 3:49A
CORN (@C2K) CBOT 531'2 1'2 3:44A
CORN (@C2N) CBOT 531'4 2'0 3:47A
CORN (@C2U) CBOT 501'2 0'2 3:04A
CORN (@C2Z) CBOT 497'2 0'2 3:44A
SOYBEANS (@S1X) CBOT 1274'4 0'4 3:50A
SOYBEANS (@S2F) CBOT 1283'0 0'2 3:48A
SOYBEANS (@S2H) CBOT 1287'2 0'0 3:47A
SOYBEANS (@S2K) CBOT 1292'4 -1'0 3:43A
SOYBEANS (@S2N) CBOT 1295'2 -2'0 3:33A
SOYBEANS (@S2Q) CBOT 1288'0 10'6 1:15P
WHEAT (@W1Z) CBOT 696'2 6'0 3:50A
WHEAT (@W2H) CBOT 707'0 6'0 3:49A
WHEAT (@W2K) CBOT 711'0 6'0 3:49A
WHEAT (@W2N) CBOT 696'4 4'0 3:47A
WHEAT (@W2U) CBOT 699'6 4'4 3:49A
WHEAT (@W2Z) CBOT 705'6 4'2 3:49A
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1V) CME 0.780550 0.000050 3:43A
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1X) CME 0.779950 -0.000500 5:57P
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1Z) CME 0.781300 0.000850 3:51A

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